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From metering to IIoT:
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Industries need integrated systems to solve their problems and tasks
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Improve manufacturing with digitalization and automation

Power supply reliability and observability
Knowing energy consumption is the first step managing it
Reduce number of
shutdowns and downtime
Decrease time of reaction to failures from 2 hours to 2 minutes
Analyze power consumption and losses
Reduce losses and the share of energy in production costs
Find ways
for optimizations
Discover new sources of optimization based on real data
less downtimes
see the IKEA case
less time to react
see the AZOT case
warnings about changes in process
see the Darkhan TPP case
what we do


  • Electricity metering
    SEDMAX collects tens of electricity parameters from various devices and generate reports
  • Metering of heat,
    water, steam and gas flows
    SEDMAX collects data from heat and flow meters, pressure and temperature sensors
  • Dispatching and
    monitoring of power systems
    Dispatching based on hundreds of thousands of indicators and metrics with high reliability due to the redundancy and clustering functions. The data collection period is up to 0.1 seconds
  • Monitoring of manufacturing indicators
    A single tool for real-time monitoring and management of all production processes. Work with technological data from various systems and sources to control all aspects of production
  • Disturbance records
    collection and analysis
    SEDMAX consolidates information from power quality meters to detect violations of power quality indicators and its causes and generate reports for subsequent analysis
  • Power quality control
    SEDMAX consolidates information from power quality meters to detect violations of power quality and its causes and generate reports for subsequent analysis
  • Data collection and transferring
    SEDMAX integrates various information systems and data flows into a single environment for its subsequent transferring to external third-party systems and tools in a single stream and with a single interface.
  • Basic data analysis
    SEDMAX implements data analysis algorithms to control production processes and KPIs, to optimize technical and economic indicators, to make data-driven decisions, to assess risks and make predictions.
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Customers need complete solution:
take SATEC equipment, SEDMAX software and mix with your engineering expertize

Multifunctional equipment runs best with multifunctional software
Both SATEC and SEDMAX solve tasks of electrical staff and operators, chief power engineer and planning department
Unified interface and access to all devices
As you want to know the picture of energy consumption/generation, you need SEDMAX to display, compare and analyze data from all devices
Write data to storage for analytics
Nowdays, building of data collection and storage infrastructure is one of the most significant tasks of industrial companies

«…Implementation of metering system based on SATEC and SEDMAX allowed us to solve the problem of slow delivery of information about utilities infrastructure, leakages and shutdowns. SEDMAX mnemonic diagrams display information about energy supply systems from sources to consumers, alerts and dynamic of parameters…»

A.Yu. Vasiljev, Technical director of TSNIImash (ROSKOSMOS State Corporation)

« the moment, we get all necessary data to forecast our consumption, identify abnormal usage and find potential to optimize efficiency from desktop, tablet and smartphone...»

A. N. Fedko, Chief power engineer of RusGold Mining Inc.

Alarm handling and notification
SEDMAX allows users to set up rules on notifications via e-mail, sms, etc.
Vector graphics for mnemonic diagrams
Mnemonic diagram is the main tool for dispatchers and operators to real-time control and identifying points of failure.
Flexible reporting
Use flexible reports when your need to analyze data to make better desertion or prove your idea
SEDMAX works with all SATEC devices and data types:
real-time, historical data, waveforms, logs and power quality data
Make your solution more powerful
and useful for your clients
HOw it works

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Explore multifunctional projects
with SEDMAX software and SATEC equipment and compare with your customers situations

Darkhan TPP
IKEA furniture factories
The problem:
Analysis of the nature of violations and collection of energy quality statistics, metering of energy consumption by each unit
The solution:
Electricity metering (BFM136) and power quality control (PM175)
The project:
Energy Efficiency and united KPI Reporting
Main effects:
  • Saved $150.000 year-end
  • Reduced losses due to downtime by 50.2%
The world's largest retail network selling furniture and household goods with its own production facilities. In Russia, production is represented by four factories: in Esipovo, Moscow Region, in Tikhvin, Leningrad Region, in the Kirov Region and near Veliky Novgorod. The design capacity of the last one is 7 million commodity units per year.
  • Program of equipment modernization and energy efficiency increase is started. It includes pumps, suction filters and lighting modernization
  • CNC failures and manufacturing hours long downtime caused by shutdowns and low power quality
  • Total power consumption by main workshops is 820 MW*h per month. Average amount of costs per unit of production is 3.3 kW*h/m2. Target KPI – 2.63
  • Revaluation of energy intensive consumers and low KPI consumers detection is done
  • Get the information to make qualitative decision on efficiency increasing projects
  • Increasing of control. Main effort is apply to reaction on the problem, not to identify what happens.
  • Monitor shutdowns and operation optimization is happened by analysis of power quality violations (voltage dips and durations, frequency of events, etc.)
  • Optimize equipment schedule
  • Increasing of staff self-control and operations efficiency on each site
The problem:
To create a separate subsystem of diagnosis of Automated information-measuring system of electricity consumption
The solution:
Electricity metering, disturbance records collection (PM175) and data analysis and IT monitoring
The project:
Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency Program of Rosatom State Corporation
Main effects:
  • Monitor ~ 8500 parameters in real time
  • Currently, SEDMAX is seen as an alternative to global platform solutions for working with real-time production data.
The Rosenergoatom main occupation is generation of electrical and thermal energy at its nuclear plants, as well as management of nuclear plants, sources of radiation, nuclear material and radioactive substance storage sites. In total, 10 active Russian nuclear power plants are in operation with 36 power units.
  • An energy-saving program has been launched for the entire enterprise of Rosatom State Corporation, including the Rosenergoatom
  • Manual collection of energy resources metering data
  • Large-scale and extensive energy management of each plant
  • Monitor ~ 8500 parameters in real time
  • Combine 4 adjacent systems on one platform - integrate electricity metering, dispatching, waveform collection and diagnosis functionality into one system
  • Reject to apply expensive database
  • Do not recruit additional staff to maintain the "large system"
Darkhan Thermal Power Plant in Mongolia
Darkhan TPP
The problem:
To create a unified system for recording disturbance events
The solution:
Disturbance records collection and analysis (PM180), dispatching and monitoring of power systems (PM180) and electricity metering (PM180)
The project:
Power Plant Automation Retrofit
Main effects:
  • Each connection is equipped with a separate PM180 device
  • Fault registration for currents up to 40 × Inom and to save long-term waveforms up to 3.5 minutes long each in one SEDMAX dashboard
  • Current electricity parameters from the PM180 every second are available
  • 420 immediate warnings about changes in technological process and 380 analogue signals
Darkhan Thermal Power Plant is a state owned 48MW coal power plant in Mongolia. It provides electricity to the 100,000 residence of Darkhan city and Selenge province. The plant was built in 1963 and consists of four 12 MW turbines
  • Since 2012 modernization process is ongoing on TPP to improve its control as well as to increase the total power capacity to 83 MW
  • The existing fault recording and automation system is based on Russian equipment that was commissioned in 2002
  • There are 88 additional calculated parameters and 420 various warning events which was set up for immediate user notification about changes in technological process
  • Tens of mnemonic diagrams were developed for full detailed control of the processes at TPP
  • Union of disturbance records from 39 devices into single file
  • Monitoring and control of the plant with 1-second data update time. This includes measurements through 380 analogue signals, 624 status signals, normal mode currents and fault currents
  • Display reliable information on the operation of the main TPP scheme
Segezha Pulp and Paper Mill
The problem:
Segezha Pulp and Paper Mill To integrate a tool for balancing plant consumption to optimize generators
The solution:
Electricity metering (EM133, 12-DIOS, PM130EH+) dispatching and monitoring of power systems (PM180)
The project:
Total production modernization
Main effects:
  • Real actual data for the calculation of electricity purchased
  • Perspective to reduce the equipment failure rate due to fine-tuning of the parameters of the power system using SATEC
Segezha Pulp and Paper Mill is one of the flagships of the pulp and paper industry in Russia, the only manufacturer in Russia of high strength porous craft paper. Since 1939, it went through several cycles of modernization and reconstruction, as a result of which it is currently capable of producing up to 375 thousand tons of kraft paper sacks, including high-strength microcreped paper.
  • Production modernization is being implemented
  • Energy-intensive production
  • On-site own generation of three types (every works on different fuels)
  • Control of the power supply system
  • Collect data to plan purchases and the retail electricity market operations
  • TPP generation management
  • Setting relay protection
  • Balancing consumers within the plant (underload, overload) and reducing energy losses
  • Decrease equipment failures due to changes in the sensitivity settings of equipment
AZOT, manufacturer of nitrogen fertilizers
The problem:
Promptly respond to events and make decisions quickly
The solution:
Electricity metering (EM133), metering of heat, water, steam and dispatching and monitoring of power systems (12-DIOS, ETC-One)
The project:
Total production modernization
Main effects:
  • 60 times faster response to accidents
  • Monitor and control of the entire energy with video-wall
  • 43% reduction in overheating of switching equipment and cables
SDS Azot is the largest producer of nitrogen fertilizers in Russia, the main supplier of ammonium nitrate to mining enterprises in Siberia and the Far East. SDS Nitrogen produces 1/3 of the total volume of caprolactam in Russia and provides about 50% of the total Russian export of the product. The company combines JSC "Nitrogen" (Kemerovo) and LLC "Angarsk nitrogen-fertilizer plant" (Angarsk).
  • Heating of cables and switching equipment due to old / worn electrical facilities. It leads to fires and shutdowns of production sites.
  • In the cost structure, the cost of electricity is at least 40%
  • A global re-equipment of production starts, which will radically change the landscape of the company, including the specifics of energy consumption by 2024.
  • Enterprise management aim to create a “digital factory”
  • Increase the speed of reactions on accidents from 2 hours to 2 minutes
  • Reduce shutdowns and average recovery time
  • Build forecast dispatch schedules for consumption
  • Monitor current power consumption of workshops and analyze it
  • Monitor the status of switching equipment
  • Aggregate data for analysis and comparison in purposes of optimizations
Project Prospects:
  • integrate existing commercial metering into the System, refuse from the analogue compare electricity consumption with the load of the workshop (production of final products)
  • associate consumption with repair schedules
  • compare metering data to electricity purchase planning
Pharmstandard pharmaceutical plants
The problem:
Improve the energy efficiency of pills production, reduce equipment breakdown due to low power quality
The solution:
Electricity metering (BFMII) and dispatching and monitoring of power systems (EM133)
The project:
Digitalization of production
Main effects:
  • Technical ability to calculate specific energy consumption for each batch of pills due to per-minute SATEC measurements
  • Generation of own energy consumption reports for each production line with 1 minute intervals

The leading pharmaceutical company in Russia engaged in the development and production of medicines. It produces more than 1.7 billion packages of medicines per year. Pharmstandard production facilities:

  • Pharmstandard-Leksredstva (Kursk),
  • Pharmstandard-UfaVITA (Ufa),
  • Pharmstandard-Tomskkhimfarm (Tomsk),
  • LEKKO (Vladimir region, Volginsky settlement),
  • Biomed them. I.I. Mechnikov (Moscow region)
  • Launched digitalization strategy: focus on the collection, analysis and optimization of all data in the production and sale of products
  • Energy costs is high compared with the main technology and raw materials
  • Manual collection of energy consumption data
  • Failure of equipment due to low power quality
  • Rationing of resource consumption (with transferring of data to SAP) with the prospect of distribution of energy costs by terms, in order to understand the costs of each batch of tablets
  • Monitoring of the engineering infrastructure and energy consumption
  • Identification and localization of places of failures and outages, monitoring of low power quality and failures of expensive equipment

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